Lot's Wife

A Stage Reading
A play by Hout Bay Theatre Collective
Warner Studio

Lot’s Wife is an epic tale of love, violence, betrayal and liberation from oppression. It begins with the Israeli invasion of Gaza, spans the millennia back to Abraham’s knife at his son’s throat, and moves forward to the dramatic triumph of Lot’s wife and the sisters over the male deity and mortals that confined them to the fields, the kitchen and the bedroom.
Lot's Wife is a radical, feminist challenge to patriarchy, digging deep into its historical and biblical roots, in a rousing style that resonates with the contemporary struggles of women to be seen, to be heard and to be free from fear and threat.

Michael Coffee - Israeli Minister of Defense
Jude Ash - Gabriel, who initially appears as a soldier
Paul Hanft - God, who initially appears as a General
Laurisa LeSure - Lot’s wife

Contains strong language and acts of violence
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